A Healthcare Recruiter's Dilemma

Author: Nhan Nguyen, MD. JD, MSF Date Created: 05/14/24

Many resources and institutions suggest an upcoming shortage of nurses and care providers throughout the United States.  With the aging demographics of Baby Boomers (not to mention that many of the nurses and care providers are aging themselves into retirement) and the greater access to care from healthcare reform, there’s little reason to disagree.  Whether you are a healthcare company owner or a large institutional recruiter, finding specific, quality healthcare providers to fill the demand gap can be no doubt challenging, especially if you’re in a smaller market. 

The competition for quality healthcare providers is fierce.  Options for finding ones in the open market are limited and typical:

  • Place job postings with on-line classified ads – Craigslist.com anyone?
  • Use costlier job posting boards like Indeed.com, Careerbuilder.com, or Monster.com
  • Use an expensive staffing agency for temp workers expecting to find a permanent
  • Network in person and look for a word-of-mouth referral for a quality provider – but who has the time?
  • Hope a provider comes across your job placement posting on your company website

The drawbacks to the “old” recruitment methods are common and overlapping.  In many cases, the job posting boards can get expensive, especially with multiple postings, and the responses to on-line job boards are random, numerous with applicants applying who sometimes don’t even qualify.  Even more expensive is temporary staffing and placement agencies costing 1.5-3X the hourly rate or 10% of the first year’s salary with a placement.  These methods are untargeted and very random with random responses and sometimes unpredictable outcomes.  The hiring cycles can be very lengthy in trying to find the unique match for the quality provider needed.  In a hyper-competitive market, this leads to high turnover rates among the limited provider pool to fill the openings to meet patient demands.

So what is a healthcare company owner or recruiter to do with such challenging circumstances?  On the one hand more patient cases are needed to be serves; while on the other hand, staffing requirements need to be prepared to handle additional cases.  So what is the priority?  Marketing for more cases and hopefully hire staff to serve those cases, or carry the costs of hiring staff first and hopefully the cases will come?  Thus we have the recruiter’s (or owner’s) dilemma - how to get specific quality healthcare providers in the fastest and least expensive way to meet yours and your patients’ needs.

CuraConnector.com helps healthcare company owners and recruiters search, find and match to specific healthcare providers in the most cost-efficient and time-effective way on the market, allowing real-time searches for providers matching over 50 quantitative and qualitative variables.  Looking for a Vietnamese speaking provider sensitive to Catholic traditions with experience in chronic heart disease?  Or seeking a male physical therapist, non-allergic to cats and smoke, and with experience in Alzheimer’s dementia? CuraConnector.com’s web application platform helps owners and recruiters find the “needle in the haystack of healthcare providers” with on-demand, real-time efficiency to fill the exact job vacancy with specificity.  With CuraConnector.com, the recruiter’s dilemma is….solved.